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Common Problems of Aluminum Alloy Shell in CNC Turning

November 29, 2022

Some problems are often encountered in the numerical control lathe processing of aluminum alloy shells. The appearance of problems means that the products are defective, and solutions need to be found quickly. Based on our years of experience in CNC lathe processing, we summarize common problems and solutions in aluminum shell lathe processing, which can be a reference for everyone when problems occur.
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The processing arc effect is not ideal, and the size is not in place.
Cause of the problem: resonance is caused by overlapping vibration frequencies; Unreasonable parameter setting and excessive feed speed make arc machining out of step; Looseness caused by large lead screw clearance or out of step caused by too tight lead screw, and wear of synchronous belt.
Solution: find out the parts that generate resonance, change their frequency, and avoid resonance; Considering the processing technology of the workpiece material, reasonably prepare the program; For stepping motor, the processing speed F cannot be set too large; Whether the machine tool is firmly installed and stably placed, whether the carriage is too tight after wear, whether the clearance increases or whether the tool holder is loose; Replace the timing belt.
Aluminum alloy shell car parts

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 In the mass production of aluminum car parts, the workpiece is out of tolerance occasionally.
Cause of problem points: the tooling must be carefully checked, and the operator's operation method and the reliability of clamping must be considered. Due to the size change caused by clamping, the tooling must be improved so that the workers can avoid making mistakes due to human negligence as much as possible; The CNC system may automatically generate interference pulse after being subject to fluctuation or interference of external power supply, which will be transmitted to the driver to cause the driver to accept the redundant pulse and drive the motor to take away or less.
Solution: Understand and master the rules, and try to adopt some anti-interference measures, such as: the strong current cable interfered by strong electric field is isolated from the signal line of weak current signal, the anti-interference absorption capacitor is added and the shielded wire is used for isolation. In addition, check whether the ground wire is firmly connected, the grounding contact is nearest, and take all anti-interference measures to avoid interference to the system.

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There are increasing or decreasing phenomena in each process of aluminum shell car parts
Cause of problem point: programming error; The system parameters are set unreasonably; Improper configuration settings; The mechanical transmission components have regular periodic change faults.
Solution: Check whether the instructions used in the program are executed according to the requirements of the instructions. You can judge by playing a dial indicator. Position the dial indicator at the starting point of the program to see whether the carriage returns to the starting point after the program ends. Repeat the execution even if the results are observed, and grasp the rules; Check whether the system parameters are set reasonably or are considered to be changed; Whether the single calculation on the coupling parameters of the connection calculation of the relevant machine tool configuration meets the requirements, and whether the pulse equivalent is accurate; Check whether the transmission part of the machine tool is damaged, whether the gear coupling is uniform, and whether there are periodic and regular faults. If yes, check the key parts and eliminate them.