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CNC Prototype Processing Skills Guide

December 2, 2022

Latest company news about CNC Prototype Processing Skills Guide

1. Turning
Turning involves firmly clamping the workpiece onto a rotating plate or spindle. When the workpiece rotates, the tool is fixed in a fixed device mounted on the moving sliding piece. The slider can move up and down along the length of the workpiece, or close to or away from the centerline. This simple operation is very suitable for rapid removal of large amounts of material.
In addition, the drill installed on the tailstock of the lathe can drill accurate holes; The lathe is used to form a concentric shape on the outer circumference of a circular part; Grooves, ring grooves, step shoulders, internal and external threads, cylinders, and shafts are manufactured on a lathe - many circular or circular features.

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2. Milling
The fundamental difference in milling is that the workpiece remains stationary while the cutting tool rotates on the spindle. The workpiece is normally fixed horizontally in the machine vise and mounted on a table moving in the X and Y directions.
The spindle can accommodate multiple tools and move along the X, Y, and Z axes. Milling cutters are used to make squares/planes, notches, chamfers, channels, profiles, keyways, and other features that depend on precise cutting angles.
As with all metalworking operations, cutting fluids are used to cool workpieces and cutting tools, lubricate and wash away metal particles or chips.

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3. EDM
Solid EDM is used to create pits, holes, and square features on hardened tool steel that are difficult, if not impossible, to manufacture in any other way.
It is commonly used in injection and die-casting molds, but rarely used in finished products. EDM is also used to make textured surfaces or recessed (sunken) letters and logos on molds.

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4. Grinding
Grinding to create a very flat surface on a metal part is important for many applications, and the best way to create such a precise surface is to use a grinder.
The grinder is covered with abrasive particles with specific roughness

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