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Company news about CNC Machining VS Traditional Machining

CNC Machining VS Traditional Machining


Latest company news about CNC Machining VS Traditional Machining

1. Processing technology

In traditional processing technology, positioning datum, installation method, tool, cutting method and other aspects can be simplified, but NC processing technology is more complex, and needs to fully consider these factors, even if the processing tasks are the same, how much NC processing technology can It can process different parts of a workpiece at the same time. This process has diversified characteristics, which is the difference between CNC processing technology and conventional processing technology.

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2. to clamp, fix

In CNC machining technology, fixtures and machine tools need to be fixed, and we also need to coordinate the size relationship of the coordinate system between the machine tool and the part. In addition, the two steps of positioning and clamping need to be effectively controlled during the clamping process. With the traditional processing technology, the processing capacity of the machine tool is limited, and multiple clamping is required during the working process. Moreover, special fixtures are required in the processing process, which leads to higher design and manufacturing costs for the fixtures. For the CNC machining process, the instrument can be used for debugging. In most cases, there is no special fixture, so the cost is relatively low.

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3. Knives

In the processing process, different processing techniques and processing methods determine the cutting tool. Especially in computer numerical control machining, the use of high-speed cutting is not only beneficial to improve machining efficiency but also beneficial to machining quality, effectively reducing the probability of cutting deformation, and thereby shortening the machining cycle.

At present, there is a dry-cutting method, the tool can work without cutting fluid or only a small amount of cutting fluid, so the tool needs to have good heat resistance. Compared with traditional processing technology, computer numerical control processing technology has higher requirements for the performance of cutting tools.

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4. Cutting parameters

In the traditional machining process, more complex surface and curve operations are prone to errors, so it is necessary to carefully select the cutting parameters. While CNC machine tools are based on the control of the system, and then operate, all surface processing processes can be controlled on the basis of using programs. The tool path is more flexible, and more scientific cutting parameters can be set according to actual needs, so as to improve the overall processing efficiency. Compared with traditional machine tool processing, it has great advantages. At present, rough machining based on high-speed machining has the advantages of high feed rate and fast cutting speed, which greatly improves the machining efficiency, reduces the damage of the tool to a large extent, and further prolongs the service life of the tool. For traditional processing, these are impossible to achieve.


5. Flexibility

Among traditional machine tools, general machine tools have good flexibility, but low processing efficiency; special-purpose machine tools have high processing efficiency, but their applicability to parts is not high. With poor flexibility and high rigidity, it is difficult to adapt to the continuous modification of products on the market, and competitiveness is weak. For CNC machine tools, as long as the program is changed, new parts can be processed, with good flexibility, automatic operation, and high processing efficiency, and can well adapt to the fierce market competition.


6. Quality

When using CNC machining, the degree of automation is very high, so special attention should be paid to quality and safety. The machining process should be tested before the process is put into production. Only when the requirements of all aspects of production are met can it be put into actual production and application. In traditional processing, process documents can be put into production as a guide for the production line, without the need for the above-mentioned complicated processes.

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