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CNC machining operation specification

January 3, 2023

CNC CNC machining process many steps if you do not pay attention to the standard operation is likely to cause safety hazards, in order to improve processing efficiency, reduce the loss caused by operational errors, CNC machining must always pay attention to the standard operation, the following is CNC machining operation specifications: 

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1. When assembling try to install the material first and then install the tool, which can prevent the hand from being cut by the tool when installing the material, but if the tool is already installed at this time, the table should be moved out first, so as to ensure that there is no interference with the tool.


2. Be sure to disassemble the tool after the spindle has completely stopped rotating.


3. When disassembling the tool, make sure not to hold the cutting edge of the tool directly by hand to avoid being cut.

latest company news about CNC machining operation specification  1

4. In the process of precision parts processing operators can not be too close to observe the state of cutting, to prevent chips into the eyes.


5. The tools to be used should be placed in the designated tool storage area after use.


6. Precision parts machining should check the oil pump nozzle position before the machine starts, to avoid spraying oil to other locations.


7. If you want to pause to observe between machining, it is necessary to move the table out of the cutting position first.