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Application of laser welding processing technology in automobile field

October 14, 2022

Latest company news about Application of laser welding processing technology in automobile field

The combination of laser and welding is a breakthrough in traditional industry. It not only improves the welding quality, but also shortens the welding cycle. Nowadays, laser welding processing technology has been applied in many industries, most commonly in high-tech electronics, automobile manufacturing and precision processing fields. However, in the field of automobile manufacturing, the application proportion of laser welding is still in the middle low level.

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The concept of laser welding is also attributed to Volkswagen. In the dazzling automotive market, Volkswagen has always been favored for its durability. This is exactly what traditional welding processing technology cannot achieve.
Many people do not understand the meaning of laser welding. In fact, laser welding is just one of the directions of laser application. It is the use of high-energy laser pulses to instantly heat up and melt the welding points to achieve permanent bonding between metals. This is the latest welding method combined with the traditional process. In view of its advantages such as small weld width, fast welding speed, small influence area, smooth welding, small deformation, and beautiful appearance, laser welding is also used as a variety of welding processes such as spot welding, butt welding, seal welding, and overlay welding. The appearance of laser welding has promoted the large span leap of welding technology and made it possible to weld between metals and nonmetals.

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Because the production line of laser welding processing technology needs to be completely closed, which itself requires a large amount of capital investment, resulting in its cost far higher than that of traditional welding processing technology. Therefore, in the process of automobile production and manufacturing, laser welding processing technology will be mainly used in the roof and the surrounding parts on both sides. On the one hand, it can save manufacturing costs, and also ensure the beauty and tightness of the automobile. Although Volkswagen was the first brand to introduce laser welding, it is Mercedes Benz, BMW and Ferrari that have played this technology to the extreme. As for the reason, it can be seen from the appearance and sound insulation performance of the car.

In recent years, with the laser welding processing technology becoming more and more popular in the market, the competition between laser welding processing plants has become fiercer. How to select laser welding processing plants with quality and quantity guaranteed? There are four standards for reference: strong strength, mature technology, good reputation and excellent after-sales service.
Each laser welding processing factory has its own shortcomings. Those factories with high-quality after-sales service may have immature technology; Some factories have strong strength under the banner of the first laser welding processing factory in the industry, but the quality of completion is low. Therefore, if you want to find a good processing plant, you need to consider it comprehensively according to your own needs.

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Although laser welding processing technology can create a perfect car body and realize seamless welding, most automobile factories still prefer spot welding. The main reason is that for ordinary manufacturers, the cost investment of the former will cause huge economic pressure and will not benefit the health of welding workers. In addition, it needs to be reminded that laser welding processing technology is only useful for shaping the shape of the car, and can not provide substantive protection for the safety performance of the overall body. Consumers should not trust the manufacturer's propaganda about laser welding technology when choosing cars.

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