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Analysis of safe operation in nc machining

November 3, 2022

When turning threads on a CNC machine tool, the z-direction feed along the pitch direction should maintain a strict speed ratio relationship with the rotation of the machine tool spindle, so cutting should be avoided during the acceleration or deceleration of the feed mechanism. For this reason, there should be a lead in distance δ 1 Overrun distance δ 2。 The values of and are related to the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool drag system, the thread pitch and the thread accuracy.

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Generally, it is 2-5mm. For large pitch and high-precision threads, the maximum value shall be taken; Generally, it takes about 1/4. Many manufacturers and operators of Dalian NC machining have not realized the importance of brands when purchasing NC machining centers. They believe that as long as they can rotate, it doesn't matter what brands are.

But in fact, the good or bad brand of CNC machining centers directly affects the quality of production. It can be said that the brand of CNC machining centers is directly related to the development of enterprises. Therefore, we must recognize the brand when selecting CNC machining centers. Nowadays, the application of CNC machine tools has been popularized to a certain extent, and the high-performance and efficient machining center has gradually become a social need.

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Therefore, more and more schools purchase CNC machine tools and carry out teaching of CNC machine tools. Programming is an important part of NC machining, and improving the programming skills of machining centers can largely avoid some unnecessary collisions. In the 21st century, with the rapid promotion of China's inductive economic strength, the processing center stores have entered a rapid development period.

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The demand for intermediate processing in automobile and its parts, aerospace, mold and other industries has increased significantly. The domestic processing centers select the best domestic and foreign CNC systems, functional components and other accessories to speed up the pace of industrial production. The quality and reliability have improved significantly, with advantages in cost performance, and have gradually been recognized by domestic users.