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An introduction to the main uses of thermal processing

November 5, 2022

Precision machining is a total process of changing the size or performance of a product workpiece with machining equipment. It is divided into cold machining and hot machining according to the temperature of the product workpiece being machined. The process is usually done at room temperature and does not lead to chemical or physical transformation of the workpiece. Usually in the higher or less than room temperature production processing, will lead to the chemical or physical transformation of the product workpiece, called thermal processing. Next, with Shenzhen Perfect Precision Products Co. to learn the main uses of thermal processing.

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Precision machining is a kind of machining manufacturing, which is also a kind of machining parts to achieve the line position tolerance required by the design drawings of the production process, the product workpiece in the development of this process, will be the use of its own performance characteristics and its appearance structure caused by the corresponding transformation

Along with the development of the domestic manufacturing industry continues to progress, machining manufacturing has changed a lot, Dongguan precision machining technology applications are also outstanding, many manufacturing industries such as household appliances, vehicles, hardware accessories and their medical production applications of product workpieces more or less use high-precision spare parts. It may be a kind of spare parts, may also be a mechanical equipment manufacturing in the key components.

After the raw material and blank type of mechanical parts are determined, the mechanical properties of the material required to complete the parts are mainly ensured by the heat treatment process. So must be in accordance with the purpose of heat treatment and process technology function, the appropriate arrangement of heat treatment process technology in the specific location of the production process pathway.

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Annealing process and normalizing process technology specific location is usually allocated in the blank production and manufacturing after, cutting production processing before. In high-precision spare parts, in order to better remove the residual stress of cutting production and processing, the cutting production and processing technology should also be allocated between the stress relief annealing. The process technology is distributed as follows: billet manufacturing (casting, forging, welding, stamping, etc.) - annealing process or normalizing - machining manufacturing.

Relative to the surface quenched parts, in order to better enhance the mechanical properties of its heart material and get fine crystal martensite organization of the surface quenching organization, often first to carry out normalizing or quenching treatment. Because of the small deformation of the surface hardened parts, their grinding allowance should also be smaller than that of the overall hardened parts.