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Aluminum alloy with these five surface treatments, the product has more texture

August 8, 2022

In the face value economy era, refined products are often considered more valuable, and consumers are more willing to pay for them, even if the price is more expensive.
The so-called texture is obtained by the appearance and touch of the surface. This feeling, surface treatment is a very key factor. For example, the shell of apple notebook computer is made of a whole piece of aluminum alloy, which is processed by CNC, and then subjected to polishing, high gloss milling, wire drawing and other multiple surface processes, so that its all aluminum metal texture coexists with the sense of fashion and technology.
Aluminum alloy is easy to process, with rich surface treatment methods and good visual effects. It is widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, mobile solid-state drives (PSSD), LED lamps, cameras and other products. It often cooperates with surface treatment processes such as polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting, high gloss cutting and anodizing to make products present different textures.
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The polishing process mainly reduces the roughness of the metal surface through mechanical polishing or chemical polishing. However, polishing cannot improve the dimensional accuracy or geometric accuracy of parts, but is used to obtain the appearance effect of smooth surface or specular gloss.
Mechanical polishing is to use sandpaper or polishing wheel to reduce the roughness and make the metal surface smooth and bright. However, the hardness of aluminum alloy is not high, and deep grinding lines will be left with coarse-grained grinding and polishing materials. If fine grain is used, the surface is fine, but the ability to remove the milling grain is greatly reduced.
Chemical polishing is an electrochemical process, which can be considered as reverse plating. It removes a thin layer of material on the metal surface, leaving a smooth and ultra clean surface with uniform luster and no fine lines during physical polishing.
In the medical field, chemical polishing can make surgical tools easier to clean and disinfect. In electric appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, chemical polishing products are used to make parts have longer service life and brighter appearance. The use of chemical polishing on key parts of the aircraft can reduce friction resistance and make it more energy-saving and safe.

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Many electronic products will adopt sandblasting technology on the surface, so that the product surface presents more subtle matte touch, similar to frosted glass. The matte material is implicit and stable, creating the low-key and durable characteristics of the product.
Sand blasting is to use compressed air as power to spray spraying materials, such as copper ore sand, quartz sand, carborundum, iron sand and sea sand, onto the surface of aluminum alloy at high speed, to change the mechanical properties of the surface of aluminum alloy parts, improve the fatigue resistance of parts, and also increase the adhesion between the original surface of parts and the coating, which is more favorable to the durability of the coating film and the leveling and decoration of the coating.
The sand blasting surface treatment process is the fastest and most thorough cleaning method. It can be arbitrarily selected among different roughness to form different roughness on the surface of aluminum alloy parts.

wire drawing
Drawing process is very common in product design, such as notebook and headset in electronic products; Refrigerators and air purifiers in household products; It is also useful in automobile interior decoration. The center console of the brushed panel can also improve the quality of the automobile.
Repeatedly scraping lines on the aluminum plate with sandpaper can clearly show each fine trace, make the fine hair shine in the metal matte, and give the product a strong and atmospheric beauty. According to the need of decoration, it can be made into straight lines, random lines and spiral lines.
The surface of the microwave oven, which has won the if award, adopts the wire drawing process, which has the beauty of firmness and atmosphere, as well as the sense of fashion and technology.

High gloss milling
The high gloss milling process is to use the fine engraving machine to cut parts and process local highlight areas on the product surface. The metal shell of some mobile phones is milled with a circle of highlight chamfers, and the metal appearance of some small parts is milled with one or several bright shallow straight grooves to add bright color changes to the product surface, with a strong sense of fashion.
In recent years, the metal frame of some high-end TV sets has adopted the high light milling process, and the anodizing and wire drawing process have made the whole TV set full of a sense of fashion and a sharp sense of technology.

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anodic oxidation
In most cases, aluminum parts are not suitable for electroplating, because aluminum parts are easy to form an oxide film on oxygen, which will seriously affect the bonding force of the electrodeposited layer. Generally, anodic oxidation is used.
Anodic oxidation refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys. Under specific conditions and applied current, a layer of aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface of the parts to improve the surface hardness and surface wear resistance of the parts and enhance the corrosion resistance.

In addition, through the adsorption capacity of a large number of micropores in the thin layer of the oxide film, the surface of the parts can be colored into various beautiful colors, enriching the color performance of the parts and increasing the beauty of the products.
In addition to the above five surface treatments, the aluminum alloy parts can also be provided with decorative chromium plating, chromium plating, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, baking paint, plastic spraying, Teflon spraying, silk screen printing, laser marking and other surface treatment processes to meet the diversified technological requirements of the parts.