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Advantages of CNC machining

December 31, 2022

CNC machining that is the so-called CNC machining, first of all, we need to know the principle of CNC machining, it is through the computer control program command for accurate processing, this program includes the entire process and process parameters and displacement data to achieve automation.

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So what are the advantages of CNC machining, the following is my introduction to the advantages of CNC machining.


First, through CNC can process some complex type surface, also does not need complex tooling, because it can be controlled by the program, even can process some unobservable processing parts, also can change the shape and size of the parts through the program, for the development of new products and reshaping is very applicable.


Secondly, it can achieve precise machining with high accuracy and stability through CNC program-controlled automation system.


Third, its production efficiency is also unmatched by ordinary machining equipment, and high efficiency can be achieved in the case of diverse varieties and small batches.

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The disadvantage of CNC is that CNC machine equipment is expensive, and the quality of CNC operators and maintenance personnel is also very high.