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5 Benefits of CNC Machining Over 3D Printing

March 26, 2024

5 Benefits of CNC Machining Over 3D Printing

1. It Will Speed up The Production Processes

When you do some digging, you’ll see that CNC machines are faster than 3D devices, especially since it can manufacture a large number of items in a short time. How is this possible? Well, 3D printing builds a component layer by layer, while the other option can create quite fast on the assembly position.

2. A Wide Assortment of Shapes And Sizes


The 3D printing devices can only utilize their production bed for manufacturing elements, however, CNC ones can actually work for creating bigger ones. Now, this does not mean that you cannot use 3D printers for big components, however, in order to do so, the printer needs to manufacture the smaller bits first, and then they need to be assembled later on. According to it is better to choose good quality 3D printers that match your budget and check electricity consumption as well.


3. Cuts Expenses And Saves Time


Your business might be relatively new, which is why you are probably on a tight budget. This is also one of the reasons why you might want to opt for manufacturing parts by utilizing a CNC device. How does it cut costs? Well, when compared with 3D printers, these machines generate a large number of parts, which means that you won’t need to go through the process several times, as you would with a printer.

Additionally, the time a computer numerical controlled machine needs to generate the items you need will be shorter, which means that you can actually save a lot of time. In return, you’ll keep your clients satisfied by providing them what they need as quickly as you can.

4. You Can Use Various Materials

When you use a 3D printing tool, there are actually only a few substances that you can use such as polymers, some metals, and most commonly plastic. But, CNC devices could be utilized for a lot of other materials including metals, timber, acrylic, different alloys, as well as wax, lather, and so on. This means that a CNC device can actually adapt to any material, allowing you to get exactly what you need.

5. Reliability And Durability

Precision is what you want since manufacturing parts that have flaws can lead to you repeating the entire process, which is something that is extremely expensive. Hence, if you want to ensure reliability, precision, and durability, especially if you are creating parts for the automobile or aerospace industries, opt for using computer-controlled machining.


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