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5-Axis Milling machines in PFT

May 30, 2023

It’s the 5 Axis milling machine from USA HAAS. I believe that you guys may be familiar with the HAAS brand equipment, it can guarantee the high precision and high quality required by customers, and also it can save costs. And we’d like to show you exactly which 5 Axis are operating for better understanding. X-Axis--move left and right, Y-Axis--move forward and backward, Z Axis--move up and down, A Axis--rotate left and right, B Axis--flip back and forth. It can realize a 5-axis linkage, adjust the fixture in place at one time, and all or most of the processing can be completed in one clamping, then greatly improving work efficiency. This is unattainable by other Axis machines, and they often need to adjust the fixture several times during processing.

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