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3 Ways to Speed Up Production with a Tandem Press Brake

July 14, 2023

3 Ways to Speed Up Production with a Tandem Press Brake
No matter what industry you are in, minimizing expenses and maximizing profits is a necessity. To increase productivity, you need to find innovative ways to conduct your business and increase your output. When you're working where there's a lot of metal production, a tandem press brake may be the best way to make it happen. Here are three ways to speed up production with a tandem press brake.

Cut Larger Metal Blocks Faster
A major challenge for many metal fabricators is how to precisely handle large pieces of metal. Smaller parts may be more manageable and able to be managed by hand, but as projects and parts get larger, you have to rely more on the machine. Sure, you're familiar with standard press brakes, but sometimes even these aren't enough to cut larger pieces of metal. In these cases, a tandem press brake is just what you need. It can handle larger metal pieces with the same precision as smaller metal pieces.

Work with your projects in a more flexible manner
With a larger press brake, you can still tackle larger metal projects, but you may limit your workshop to just those projects. Or, if you have smaller press brakes, you can also combine them into a tandem press brake, you have more options. If you need to machine larger pieces of metal, you can use a tandem press brake. But if you're only working on smaller projects, you can now use two or even three machines.

save money for other projects
Using multiple smaller press brakes in series provides greater flexibility for projects than using just one large press brake. In addition to this flexibility, it is also cost-effective to purchase smaller, more specialized machines. So, in the long run, you'll be able to handle more projects than you would with just one machine. Likewise, the money you save on the press brake could be better spent on training operators or buying other parts you need. This will increase your overall productivity.

Bending machines are not simple machines. They are complex and require careful consideration and planning before purchasing. To make this purchase worthwhile, buy it from Mac-Tech. We know three ways to speed up production with tandem press brakes, and we can answer any other questions you may have about these machines.

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