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24 common metal materials and their properties

May 17, 2023

1. 45——high-quality carbon structural steel, which is the most commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered steel
2. Q235A (A3 steel) - the most commonly used carbon structural steel
3. 40Cr—one of the most widely used steel types, belonging to alloy structural steel
4. HT150——Gray cast iron
5, 35 - common materials for various standard parts and fasteners
6, 65Mn - commonly used spring steel
7. 0Cr18Ni9 - the most commonly used stainless steel (US steel number 304, Japanese steel number SUS304)
8. Cr12—commonly used cold working die steel (American steel type D3, Japanese steel type SKD1)
9. DC53 - commonly used cold work die steel imported from Japan
10. DCCr12MoV - wear-resistant chromium steel
11. SKD11——Toughness chrome steel
12. D2 - high carbon high chromium cold work steel
13. SKD11 (SLD) - high chromium steel with no deformation and toughness
14. DC53 - high toughness high chromium steel
15. SKH-9——general-purpose high-speed steel with high wear resistance and toughness
16. ASP-23——Powder metallurgy high-speed steel
17. P20 - the size of plastic molds generally required
18. 718——Highly demanding size plastic molds
19. Nak80——high mirror surface, high precision plastic mold
20. S136——anti-corrosion and mirror polishing plastic mold
21. H13——commonly used die-casting mold
22. SKD61——advanced die-casting mold
23. 8407——advanced die-casting mold
24. FDAC - added sulfur to enhance its fragility

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