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Heat treatment process of nylon gear

July 1, 2022

Polyester has the characteristics of light weight, low noise in work, not easy to wipe flames in the whole process of work, not easy to rust, and not subject to interference signals. In addition, when used as a transmission gear, it can buffer the impact and impact according to its own deformation and offset, and reduce part of the load caused by installation errors. The technical engineer introduced in detail that polyester also has the qualitative characteristics of abundant raw materials, many kinds, easy recycling, good dyeing, specification reliability and so on.


There are two heat treatment processes for nylon gears. The heat treatment process for nylon gears is based on different intentions in the processing of gear shafts. There are two heat treatment processes for mechanisms: nylon gear rough embryo heat treatment process: the left and right mechanisms are pre heat treated before and after the production and processing of gear blanks. The key purpose is to remove the internal stress caused by forging and preliminary processing, improve the drillability of materials and develop the physical properties.

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Heat treatment process of nylon gear Journal: after the production and processing of the tooth profile, in order to develop the strength and wear resistance of the journal, heat treatment processes such as nitriding heat treatment, high-frequency electromagnetic induction heating heat treatment, carbonitriding and high-frequency quenching are often carried out. Rough embryo of transmission gear the key of rough embryo method of transmission gear includes round bar, steel castings and castings. The round bar is used as a transmission gear with small size, simple structure and low compressive strength.


When nylon gear transmission gears are required to have high compressive strength, wear resistance and impact resistance, steel castings, transmission gears with a diameter of more than 400~600mm, and forged rough embryos are commonly used. In order to better reduce the amount of machining and manufacturing, the transmission gear with large capacity and low precision can be cast immediately; For transmission gears with small specifications and complicated shapes, gear blanks with transmission gears can be produced by new technologies and processes such as meticulous forging, working pressure forging, meticulous forging, powder metallurgy, hot rolling and cold extrusion, and nylon gears can be used to develop labor efficiency and save raw materials.